Gratefull month end of September

Being gratefull all the time..., but there still one thing that I feel like I lost someone... someone that I've always talk to in the middle of the night... also, I've miss His present.  

♡ Aileen with her super sweet angelic smile.., always melt me every time I have problem. she could walk around the whole house with baby walker. she growed 2 teeth this month. she could say papa, less mama , and understand what I said to her. She super genius♡

♡ hyuna-a is back....!! My idol..!! I love her with her new black hair look. She is just to adorable and look so stunning.

♡ having a new note book make me blog even more... and I will keep this routine.

♡ more of black roots... means my hair getting longer and longer... and tried to dye my hait again soon.

♡ that last picture, my friend son playing with Aileen.... he is very nice to her. 

Good luck and God bless you all

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