Motherhood ; who said being a new mom was hard?!

haii...!! back again with my motherhood talk as you can see... it's been a while I know right...?? if you haven't know me yet, I'm a single fighter mum =) and I'm still happy with that. although first time being a mom was hard..., maybe this happen to all new mummy all around the world which is specially to single mum like me. yes as a mum we need support from our closer people like husband, family and friends. specially need support from husband so they could also relax us for breastfeeding. soo... I've been having a lot of struggle for 3 months I suppose... It just been too hard for me. waking up every 2 or 3 hours for milk. Buuuttt...!! there also happiness in it.., everything has their own moment right...?? well It's true. 

Being a mom making you understand to change your attitude from childish to mature..., you never thought for your self now.. but you also thought about your little family. I know you want to look pretty but than you think twice to save up your money for your baby. 

one more thing for some people who is like me as a new single fighter mum, don't worry for ask help with someone that already know how to take care a new born baby... talk about anything with your baby it helps a lot... even though you look like a crazy mum talking to your own baby that doesn't talk back at you =D ( that's happen to me a lot ) . if you're not closer enough with your family... some friend or special friend could support you =) I learn a lot from my special friend who already have 2 kids which is already 7 years old and 12 years old. He helps me a lot for not panic when my baby sick, when my baby poo was to hard etc etc etc..., that really helps me a lot for not panicking. Aileen also like to play with him every time he came to my house. 

Aileen is 9 months and 6 days old. she look more like me than her own father.  my baby could understand English which I always talk English to her every night time. Bahasa well as you can see, we all talk bahasa and so many people talk bahasa at my home. Chinese language too from her nai nai and ye ye which always talk to baby Ai in Chinese language. 

Aileen has 4 teeth already. 1st teeth on 6-7 months old i think, than 2nd teeth on 8 months old, 3rd and 4rd teeth on 9 moths old. so this month she's struggle so much for a tooth pain. but I'm so glad that she doesn't get any fever every time her teeth grow. mama always proud Ailee. 

9 months she has already learn how to wave her hand for bye-bye, Kiss bye, clapping, splashing, Kiss me ( rarely ) and said mama!!! yeii!! she said mama!! but she said dada more than mama LOL. Aileen now walk with bay walker and now she walk really fast also try to grab stuff here and there. hahahaha XD 

Soo..., "Who said being a new mom was hard..??" it was fun being a mum right..?? specially seeing your own baby growing  up was fun. cause you can't turn back time again. well see you on my other motherhood post loveleigh.

Here some video of Aileen if you want to watch =)

Good Bless you and Good luck

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