My new hair cut

hello Loveleigh...!!
doesn't matter if you wanna know my new hair cut or not... :p but I will post it hahaha
it's been 6 months and no hair cut... my old hair style was oval shape with no layers

yesss this is my old hair style.... I could have a side bangs or no bangs at all... my roots is alrd black again. so I will buy the hair colour product next time and I will review that soon for ya maybe. cause last time I bought, I love the hair colour.. but I can't blend it well and it doesn't stay that long.... back to the main poin.
so I go to ando&yun at baywalk...!! guest what...?! next time you girls wanna have a hair cut there..., reserve first... or you will have to wait to long. to bad I dont take a picture there... :'( 

there you goo... maybe you don't see a whole lot different cause the length was still the same cause I dont want them to cut it to much. but I ask them to make a layer instead trim them. alsoo.., the hairdresser wasn't hear me correctly... I was saying dont cut my bangs.. guess what..?? she cut my bangs and what could I say..? I told her stopp dont cut to much... so I could make it side bangs.... :') 
but overall, I love it...!! 

from the back it was look like this...!! so my new was was still oval.. but it have an oval layer and I really2 love it...!! I just hate my bangs and I hope my bangs grow really fast.

that's it loveleigh..!! have a great day, good luck and God Bless you :*


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