My Skincare Routine

Hello LoveLeigh...!! So this page is about my Daily Skincare Routine. Lot's of you ask me via email / WA about my skincare routine. I don't use a lot's of products... cause almost everything works on my skin.

Soo.., as you my know... from time to time.. my face was sooo oily and quite dry I think. but when I'm still High school girl, my face type is dry.

This is my High School Skincare Routine List :

Morning and Night Routine :
  1.  Acnes Creamy Wash
  2.  Clean & Clear Toner 
  3.  Sebamed Moisturizing Cream
 Then when I'm about 21 y'old I change my skincare Routine do to my Oily skin and Quite Dry

  1.  Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser ( Morning & Night )
  2.  Loreal Make-up Cleanser / Toner ( Night )
  3.  SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser ( Night )
  4.  Kiss Aqua Mud Foam ( Morning & Night )
  5.  SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion ( Morning )
  6.  SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ( Morning & Night )
  7.  Estee Lauder Hydra Complete ( Morning )
  8.  SK-II WSBD ( Morning & Night )
  9.  Kiss Whitening Collagen ( Night ) 2 - 3 Times daily
  10.  Acnes Sealing Jell ( only use when I have pimples )
 My Facial Treatment is DIY that every 1 or 2 times a week
  1.  Oatmeals with white egg yolk 
  2.  Skinfood peppermint peel off mask
well.., that's my skin routine... a lot huh..?? yeah I know.. but I love to treat my face everyday... It just make my face more smooth =) and It's really important to treat our face..., So we don't really stressfull. So if loveleigh still want to know about my beauty routine or anything.., feel free to email me

Good Luck and God Bless you all =)
PS : I will update everytime I change my skincare routine... so this post available on page

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