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   Hai hai hai...!! Let's say Happy birthday to Shanty Huang Blog =)  there will be 4 winner and of course 4 price's =) happy happy happy..!! 3 people will be winning the make up challenge and 1 is draw gift. so yes I join the make up challenge " SIMPLY BEAUTY " you should make 2 looks I think.. Hope I could win the 1st prince though =D..!! Finger Cross loveleigh

2 Different Simple Look

My 1st look


First think First..!! This is how simply beauty that I use for workday =)  who doesn't want to look beauty as always right..?? 
the products that I use was :
  • MAC Foundation NC25
  • Cosmo eyebrow
  • Maybelline Black Eyeliner pencil
  • Etude eye shadow in gold and brown
  • Maybelline pact powder
  • NYX Soft Matte lips in nude and red ( combine this too and you look fresh all day ) 

 For my second look

 I've been using this look every time I have a pale look on my face, no one will notice that you been sick or anything =)
the product that I use was:
  •  MAC Foundation NC25
  • Cosmo eyebrow
  • Mizzu Eyeliner
  • Nyx Eyeshadow in pink and dark purple
  • sugarbomb lipgloss
  • NYX monte carlo for the iner lip ( don't put to much )

It's shouldn't be like this.. maybe to much light... well hope I could win the giveaway

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