Clinique chubby stick

Hai loveleigh... I know it's been a while haven't post anything hehe... well, I'm back now with another review of clinique chubby stick

This is my 1st time using one of Clinique makeup product's. I thought that they only sell skincare product but, they do have makeup product too. I'm not a fan of clinique so trying a new things really fun for me.

So today I'm reviewing about Clinique chubby stick this is lip colour balm. I have it in no. 08 graped-up. 

I love the colour of the packaging..,  so flowery and such a nice pastel colour. The chubby stick cover and dial has a silver colour. This is easy to use, just turn the dial left to use and right after you use it. 

This chubby stick lip balm really moist and I really love the colour. Even though that this is a colour lip balm, I could say that it was pigmented. Look at that swatch, isn't that a pretty? This graped-up colour really look like my own lip colour. But it was more soft brown pinkish colour. I love how it doesn't dry my lips. But I hate to say that when I have a chapped lip,  it doesn't do good. 

Soo...?  What do you think....?? 

Rate : 4/5
Price : unknown
Repurchase : haven't no yet

That's it loveleigh, Good Luck and God Bless you all =*

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