Event Report : we're stronger together

Hai Loveleigh..., a few days ago I come to The Tempo Group event. theme of "We're Stronger Together " it's a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign =) This event from Estee Lauder , CliniQue , DKNY and Sogo =) held from 1 - 2 October 2014 =) and I came at 2 October which is Thursday and to bad.. many bloggers came at 1 October .. =( 

Event start aroung  2pm The host is from CliniQue ( Mario ) and Estee Lauder ( girl ) ok I lost all of the name cause my phone is hang T__T sorry ya host2 yg ganteng dan cantik =D. well they talk about today event and why the theme is " We're stronger together " cause this October is Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign =)

If I'm not wrong..., we also have a chit chat with Kak. Prisiella Yessy talking about the story behind why Estee Lauder make this BCAC ( Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign ) yeah Bearst Cancer is really horror for we ( boys and girls ) aren't you shock boys..?? I just know that boys could also get a breast cancer WOW right..?! So terrible.

There are 8 things we can do to prevent breast cancer!!
1. Check your breast regulary and report any changes to your doctor
 2. regularly consult with your doctor for a checkup when your 20-30s year olds
3. do mammograms every year starting from 40 year old or earlier if you are at risk
4. eat fruits that lack the fiber and rich in atioxidants
5. keep your ideal weigh and increase the risk of excess weight
6. limit alcohol ( oke this is hard for me ) LOL
7. avoid smoke ( OMG.. another hard to make )
8. do exercise at least 45 minuter every day
So here come a Demo about how to contour your face =) and how to make up for only 3 minute from Estee Lauder. The MUA from Estee Lauder name is Indra.

I'm so sorry I don't have a good shoot for the picture... do to my camera phone ='( after that, there also a demo from CliniQue

A demo by Clinique just a sweet makeup for Theresia the model =) she is also one of a blogger..!! look at her..!! I'm so envy seeing her body OMG..!! oh also CliniQue does introduce their skincare products and also their new Makeup stuff products. I just know this for sure..!!
After that we have a blogger make up contest..!! everyone doing it =)
This is me before the eyes and lips changing colors
after the changing of eyes make up and lips
 guest what..?! even thought I'm not the 1st winner ..., I'm still the favorite winner hehehe thank you.. To bad I don't have the picture.. maybe I will wait for the other to upload it =D
ouw yeahh..!! goodie bag is good
will review them soon as I can =) hope you enjoy reading my event report... and again Thank you to Estee Lauder , CliniQue , DKNY & Sogo for having this Event =)

Last pick..., Aileen came with hahaha

Good Luck and God Bless


  1. Mbak dari Estee itu namanya Prisiella Yessy :)

    The Journey

  2. Kak Melissa nice to meet you at the event yah :D anaknya lucuuu kenapa ga dibawa pas di event hehehe


    1. Hehehe... kasian ngantuk anak kakak...
      Jadi di bawa pulang deh :)
      Nice to meet u too cantik :*

  3. Replies
    1. Ia nih ada mas Mario jdi MCnya langsung hehehe

  4. Nice event report Mel,,, sayang ya kita g ketemu. Smoga aja d next event bs ktmu ya. ^^
    trnyata di kau ngeblog sdh lama sekali ^^ senior bebuyutan ni,,,,, mohon bimbinganya ya :D


    1. Hahaha.... jangan bilang senior bebuyutan aah...
      Lagian aku baru2 aktiv lagi belakangan ini... :p
      Iaa semoga ketemu di next event ya :*


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