{IBB MUC x Sarange} Show your Korean signature makeup style

Hello Loveleigh...

So this would be my very first IBB MakeUp Challenge feat Sarange. So the theme for this month MUC is I-pop Makeup Challenge IBB member could join this MUC and do there best for the MUC like a Korean girl but with there own style. Soo..., I think this would be fun for me.

so there will be 2 winners!! and if you could win the MUC, you will have this products :
  1. Sarange BB Cream
  2.  Sarange Pearl powder & Creamy Concealer
  3. Sarange Eyeliner
  4. Sarange Automatic Eyebrow Pencil
  5. Sarange Lipstick and Lipgloss
This products that they give to the winner is worth 1.000.000 IDR

{ My Misterious Korean Lady in Red Style }

{My Sweet Pink Korean in Girly side}

The Product that I use for both is  :

1. my skincare products
2. Benefit Hello Foundation
3. MUFE Loose Powder
4. Gino McCray Shading Powder
5. Maybelline Concealer
6. Etude house eyeshadow brown colour ( look no 1 )
7. BH cosmetic pink and purple eyeshadow ( look no 2 )
8. Milani blush on Luminoso ( look no. 1 )
9. Sleek blush on ( look no. 2 )
10. NYX matte Amterdam ( look no. 1)
11. Lipsense in pink ( look no. 2 )
12. Fake eyelash by Elisse

that's it fellas and some extra photos from me and Aileen


sooo if you one of IBB member on facebook don't forget to join and submit you link here

Hope I could win this month MUC and Good Luck for the member who already join the MUC and God Bless you all =*


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