Maybelline Lip Polish

Haii Loveleigh...!! today  I will do some review again hehehe..!! today review is lip polish... a super cute lip polish... I just bought last month.
Maybelline New York Lip Polish

Left : Glam 2 - Right : Glam 3
If I'm not wrong.., they come in somany shade..., and I bought this 2 colors that really catch my eyes. I just didn't find red color on the counter to bad eeh... ='( look at that cute size made of transparent plastic and silver tube. it was so chicky right..??  so by deciding the color.., I haven't got any orange lip color.., so I decide to buy pink and orange color.

This is the Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 3. it was really look a fresh orange right...?? came with a nice lip applicator to. easy to use and I just love the colour

This is the Glam 2 Pinkish color and really look fresh and feminine right...?? Sorry if you can't see the pinkish on the applicator.. that was my bad.. I've already take a lot of picture... maybe the lightning wasn't that good. ='(

This is the swatch..!! you could see how that lip polish really look like..!! fresh and feminine right..?? The Orange color really look that fresh and it came out like a stabilo. the pink color was super feminine and they came out having a little bit glittery. That's why I cant resist to buy the =)

 This is how it looks like on my lips..., To bad that the orange colors is really soft on my lips... giving me that glossy look. But what I hate the most is that, when I applyied at first time.. I feel like tingling on my lips and I still love this lip polish.

Rate : 3/5
Price : around IDR 70.000
Repurchase ? when I found the red maybe

That's it Loveleigh..!! God Bless and Good Luck =*


  1. I love it both colors, but my favorite is the pink~

  2. eh y u girl have this mini size one??? i have 3 but in normal size..i love it moisturizing effect but texture is rather too runny..prefer loreal more...

    1. yeah here only have the mini size.. so the do have the normal size ee..??

  3. Cakep banget ci warna di bibirnya ^^


    1. ia mi warnanya cakep2 di bibir hehehe ^^
      cuma sayang warna orangenya ga gitu keluar

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  5. Looks nice on yours, gonna check this Out. Hohoho


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