Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

Hellooo Loveleigh..!! yes another review from me hehehe...!! I have this awsome blush..!! this is one of my fav from 1 month ago...!! enjoy loveleigh..!!

 Hey you all know Milani brand..?? they have a great products too =) I've been searching this Milani Baked Blush like just a few weeks. I know that this is a good blush from one of a beauty guru hmm.. if I'm not wrong it's was Kayleigh Noelle =) she is super cool and beast yoo..!! Soo yeah back to the main topic...,

Look at that..!! look at that Gorgeous tone..!! I bought the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso.  this is really a warn tone color =) a little peach to orange color.  Just one swatch and it was already seen..!! this is a pigmented blush!! when you use blush this warm tone could make your pale face look more fresh already =)

For the packaging.., I really love it..!! look at that gold plastic material combine with a golden brown plastic too. It came with a lovely brush and a cute mirror when you flip your blush up =) super right..?! 

some tips for Loveleigh : 
every time you use a pigmented blush like this.., when you use your blush don't forget to tap the brush before you use to your face.., cause you don't want to look that heavy with your blush right..?? 

It does look so natural right..??

Rate : 4/5
Price : around IDR 110.000
Repurchase : another color yes =)

Online Shop :
Instagram : Mai_Shop
Line : Dwiyanti
WA : 089651451310

That's it Loveleigh..!! God Bless and Good Luck all !! :*


  1. aku pengen blush iniiiiiiiiiiiiii >.< Tapi harganya masih kemahalan buatku T.T
    Naksir tempatnya juga sikk LOL :p

    1. hehehe.... beli2 nin..!! bagus bet deh ciuss :p #racunracun

  2. Ya Tuhan pigmented bgt udah lama pengen coba trnyata bagus yaa huhuu

    1. iya ini pigmented banget say..!! ayuk ayuk di beli hehehehe =)

  3. kayabya pigmented banget ya pas di colek di jari hehe aduh shadenya juga cantik ini.. dan belum punya aku, plisss raun baru

    1. Ia nis ini cakep banget shadenya hehehe..!!
      hayoo beli beli xixixi


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