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Hai loveleigh mum... I know that this is a late postpartum post. Postpartum is a healing side for us after 1 month giving birth / labor. I'm one lucky mu, because I could give birth in a normal way.

Day 1 : after giving birth/labor..., I'm walk help by the nurse, my face still pale like I was sick.
Day 2 : I could walk by my self but I still can't pee normally cause it's still a little bit hurt. I still have a pale skin on my face.
Day 3 : I could pee normally and fart. ( Sorry hahaha) well that's when the nurses feel that I heal really quick everything is back to normal. My face was back to normal a litle bit.
Day 4 : I'm go back home with my baby...,  that's the best part :)
From day 1 - 30 day's  ( 1 month ) I use stagen ( maybe you can say that it was a support belts for your belly ) it helps me to put my belly to normal before pregnant...
What I felt inside my body is that some of me changes a little bit...,  I'm being emotionally and I have to wear pads for 1 moth or more.. I really hate that. I still have so many stretchmarks on my belly..., I lost around 8kg I think. I don't lose a lot of weight..., cause someone always brought me food T___T But..., I do some workout like running, sit up, push up, and yoga.

I as a Chinese new mum, we have some tradition thing's that we have..., and I hate stuff like this. So Emak told me not to take a bath for 1 month, no shampooing for 40 days, I can't go out from my house. I have to eat medical soup so I my body could recover more fast ( Tim ayam , Ayam arak putih, kuah merah) I think that's all. But.., I can't stand for not taking a bath or shampooing.., So in 2 weeks I've already was my hair and go out. 

2nd month : I felt more different..., I'm being tired and grumpy. Lack of sleep totally... the doctor said that my body is already good and I just need some of workout

3rd month till now : everything back to normal...!! But i still have stretchmarks on my belly. What I really hate is that when I have a PMS now a day's I felt pain and cramps.

If you're one of pregnant mum out there..., I would say you should buy this stuff :
- Milena Stretchmarks lotion
 - Bio Oil

- Belly Bandit

I bought this too but I would say that Belly Bandit is AMAZING...!! I don't lie to you..., but it's truly amazing..!! shrink my belly bit by bit =) and now I just have to stay healthy and do work out =) well that's it loveleigh mom =) hope you enjoy reading my postpartum post.

Good Luck and God Bless..!! :*

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