Baby pink Lips treatment

I'm back with a new review loveleigh....!! And this time.., it's a lip treatment again.

Sooo...., as you may know I'm in love with this lip treatment from baby pink lips treatment. And as you can see..., i really have a dark lips and you can see a little bit pinkish lips inside.

I'm addicted too coffee and yes I'm still smoking. I drink coffee every morning, when I feel sleepy at work. Yes... I smoke every morning, after I eat and every time i felt my head is going to explode... Soo yeah let me introduce you to this cute lip treatment.

Soo what is your first impression after seeing that picture..? Girly and cute!!

Love how the box package look. As it say baby pink lips treatment and there is a picture of little baby also have a colourful dots.... it was such a girly and cute. For the side box,  they write the ingredients and how to use. This is a product of brauty community from bangkok ,  thailand. Love leigh,  you have too know that now a days i love beauty / skincare stuff from thailand...!!

Yes this product came in a 5g jar. I brought this every where I go. Cause it wasn't that big and not that small too. It has a floral scent which I can handle it. It doesn't sticky at all and easy to apply. What I really2 like about this product is that :
♡ moisture my lips
♡ reduce my super dark lips and make it more pink 
♡ everytime i have a dry chapped lips, it helps my lips for not having a cracking lips.(I often have a dry lips cause I drink less water)

Maybe you can't barely see the before and after, but I could see for my self. 1 week or more but i know that this product work really well...!! 

I love to use this lips treatment every morning, afternoon and before I  sleep.

Rate : 5/5
Price : IDR 175.000
Repurchase : yes when I'm done.
Ig : @beautygoodsid 

That's it loveleigh hope this review helpful for ya and I wpuld say,  good luck and God Bless you all.

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