ELF Lip exfoliator

Heii loveleigh.... today post is about lip exfoliator from ELF. Have you know about this...? ? have you try this...? ? If not, let's go and cek it out.

Well.., for the packaging I would say that it was standard and it doesn't attractive at all. Black box with white stripes and you could see the lipstick picture... that's it. On the back side of the box there is direction on how to apply and what does this lipstick contain. Soo it says that it contains, vit e,  shea butter, avocado, grape and jojoba oil. Well then let's open the box.

This is the ELF  lip  exfoliator... I would say that this is lip exfoliator really works for me....!!! I also love using this every time I have a dry chapped lips. It smells really nice and taste really sweet... I can't handle my self for not eating this after I applied on my lips ♡ after I use elf lip exfoliator,  I felt that I havr the sexy lips ever...!! Hahaha....!!! This is soo truee...!!! 

Let me give you my picture while using it and after using it *smoooch*

Sooo what do you think...?? Fab right!!! 

My tips for apply : 
1st apply the lip exfoliator in circle motion from left - right and do this for your whole lips. You may do this 2 times.

2nd make a circle motion again but this time, use ur own finger. 2 - 3 minutes is enough.

3rd Take a cotton pad and give a little warn water and clean everything in circles motion.

4rd give a lipbalm or you can give a lipgloss.

Rate : 5/5
Price : IDR 80.000
Repurchase : yess.....!!!

Oooh one think,  don't worry when you lipstick being unshape... cause that's how it goes.

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