Gratefull month End of November

♡ Yeii my little princess now is super duper active than ever..!! she grow 2 more teeth so now she have 6 teeth already.
♡ Look at her expression..!! She is super duper cute..!!!
♡ She always cried whenever I want to go to work in the morning but she always give me a goodbye kiss before I go to work. She always know when I got home.
♡ She always wake up in the morning and see me taking a shower. (I never close my bathroom door) hahahaha pardon me.
♡ I stole her first kiss after that she barely bite my lips hahaha
♡ Grand Opening of my new Office place
♡ Having fun at my office with this banci satu hahahaha.... he is so funny and we are so crazy.
♡ I love this 2 Lip Treatment that I just bought in the same month..!! and I totally going to repurchase this 2 item..!! I love my lips now a days cause of this lips treatment.

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