1st post on December...!! OMG it's already December loveleigh..!! Well.., today I'm posting about another skincare products...!! Today products from Thailand name Kiss Axilla Care Cream.

as you can see from the box packaging.., it was super cute..!! design with a cute flower and sweet pastel colour. from the bottom, you could see the exp date too and for the back of the box, you could see the detail product also the ingredients.

the packaging of the products it self just look like a toothpaste package. I would say that I love this Axilla Care Cream from Kiss. the cream wasn't that sticky at all and it has a nice smell too. I prefer to use this cream and wait about 5 minute than I use whitening deodorant as well. I really love how this cream reduce my black armpit slowly but sure..!! been using this for 2 weeks and I got the result!! but I love pasjel more I could see the result for 1 weeks click here

Rate : 4/5
Price : IDR 160.000,.
Re-purchase : YES..!!
Instagram : @clickforkawaii

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