MORES Firming Pack

Hei loveleigh..!! yes it was another review time about the Thailand skincare again...!! ^^~ sooo... yeah let's review this MORES Skin Firming Pack... by the way.., you might notice that before I have already review the other Mores White Booster right..?? so yeah this is the Skin Firming Pack.

Soo..., about the packaging box I would say that it was an ordinary box with a simple font with a soft color of white and I think soft brown color..?? and about the Mores Packaging it self, it was round and it has such a sweet warm color too. I love that it says " BEAUTY START WITH HEALTHY SKIN " and it also came with a cute spatula ( I don't know what you call it =p )

you could see what the cream look like and it was interesting..., cause when I stir the cream with the spatula, guest what..!! they just back to original.. I would say it's like a tofu hehehe... and you only need to apply this MORES skin firming pack only at night before sleep. this cream helps you to tighten or makes you face look slimmer. just a little bit of this cream and you apply it on your face.

So yeah ...!! if you want to buy MORES products... I would say that this two is a perfect combo ^^~ you could see the MORE Skin Booster here

Repurchase : Maybe
Price : around IDR 300.000,-
IG : @clickforkawaii

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