Part 1 Story of My Breakout

Heii LoveLeigh..!!! I hate to say this... but I will postpone some of my review and tutorial... 
my face having a breakout..!! I don't know why but it's been 3 - 4 months my face look horrible and more horrible. I was thinking that I should go to specialist skincare doctor. I've been wondering should I choose Erha Clinic / Natasha Clinic. please don't puke after seeing my horrible face >.<


Aileen 13 months.. toddler yang nge gemesin banget..!! di bulan ke 13 ini, Aileen yang jalannya dah super duper lancar tuh dah mulai susah makan.. semenjak giginya sempet numbuh langsung 2... #WOOW!! Ai jadi males makan.. tapi untungnya Ai masih suka ngemil2 biskuit, pisang, roti. semenjak bisa jalan, Aileen itu super duper ngegemesin.. pokoknya selalu netelin yeyenya yang kesana sini XD

Child Development " Perkembangan si Kecil "

Haii-Ho-Hello Loveleigh and all mother around the world...!! this is another of my motherhood section time ^^~ this is just some knowledge for you and I hope it's really help for a new mom and mom wanna be ^^ dan jujur kayaknya post ini aku buat dalam bahasa aja kali ya hehehe ^^~
by the way buat Loveleigh sekalian yang belum kenal anak aku.., aku kenalin sekali lagi ya ^^~

Maybelline Nude Sensation 5 color

 Hellloooooo Loveleigh....!! I'm back with a new review of Maybelline Lipstick in Nude Sensation...!! Maybelline is a a great drugstore make up that I've always love..!! I hope Maybelline Indonesia will have more of the products like other Maybelline US have ^^~

KISS Luxury Abalone Cream

Hello Ladies..., have you know about this Luxury Abalone Cream from KISS ...?? yes another skincare products from Thailand... I Love Kiss Skincare products. Soo.. Let's start the review ^^

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New year 2015 dear Loveleigh ^^ semoga segala sesuatu di Tahun 2014 kemarin kalian sudah mencapai apa yang kalian mau ya Loveleigh and let's start our 2015 with a joy. Spread more love and happiness around you.

It's a sheep year... and my shio is sheep. So this year is my year. Hope I've full of luck ahead this year and I hope I could find my Mr. Right and someone who could love me and my daughter. I will try my best to make people around me happy and give more love. I will try my best to work more harder and do more make up lesson or anything ^^ Enjoy my life get some holiday for me and Aileen together ^^ definitely I need a new house / apartment to life for me and Aileen together with the nanny ^^~ God Bless My Little Family =)  

about my wishlist...!! I would like to have !!

1. Sonny Camera ILCE-5000
Pengen banget punya satu camera yang bia buat video dan untuk pengambilan photonya cukup bagus... karna selama ini aku pakek kamera handphone terus... dan kurang memuaskan untuk photonya. apa lagi camera sonny ini bisa di bilang kayak canon D600 kalo ga salah.

2. MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer 
Banyak banget beauty blogger maupun beauty guru yang bilang kalau MAC Pro Long Wear ini buagus...!! apa lagi ini juga bisa di gunakan untuk eye primer juga... jadi gw asli pengen banget beli ini... tapi ga kesampean XD

3. SK-II Brightening Series & Mask Sheet
SK-II ini menjadi andalan aku walau baru 6 bulan yang lalu aku gunakan.. dan sekarang udah jadi 7 bulan aku gunakan. sekarang pengen banget beli yg brightening series dan  Mask Sheet nya pengen beli pakek banget..!!

Revolution about my Blog
I hope that on 2015 I would gain another follower and many people inspired from reading my blog and I will managed to post a blog once or twice a week if I can. any beauty related, review, MOTD and my daily grateful month. I was a bit of confuse which language should I write..?? English one or Bahasa one. cause I want that this blog can be read international^^~ well..., we will see.. hope that my English grammar was right ^^  

Well happy new year again everyone.. with love from Mels and Aileen