Maybelline Nude Sensation 5 color

 Hellloooooo Loveleigh....!! I'm back with a new review of Maybelline Lipstick in Nude Sensation...!! Maybelline is a a great drugstore make up that I've always love..!! I hope Maybelline Indonesia will have more of the products like other Maybelline US have ^^~

Yesss...!! don't you see that beautiful colors ^^ I bought this Maybelline Lipstick @ guardian I think hahaha.. acatually..., I was buying a lot of maybelline product that day.., than when I was going to pay all the make up stuff.., I saw this Maybelline box back of the cashier.., I was like.. " I should buy that..!! " yeah... than I bought it... seems like there's 2 different box.. one is Nude Sensation and the other one is Pink something if I'm not forgotten.. as you see.., 1 box have 5 color different lipstick. I'm all about nude lipstick so I was so curios to see how it's look on me... 

some swatch for you to see how beautiful the color is ^^~
101 Pink Avenue
105 Pink A Licious
107 Pink Paradise
301 True Toffee
305 Nude Mocha

I love this lipstick cause I don't feel dry at all ^^ even thought you have to touch up after eat or drink... well, not frequently^^~
I'm so glad that I bought this. cause from all of the color I could use all the lipstick color... I was one of a lady who really hate to use pink color. but except this..., I really love to use the color ^^
I bought this 1 box IDR 100.000,- 

101 Pink Avenue sorry it's front camera and a bit blur

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