Erha21 Acne Face Powder for Acne Prone Skin

Halo LoveLeigh...!! how have you been..?? do you have acne now..?? Well I'm back with another review. Today review is still about Erha but this is the Face Powder.

So LoveLeigh as you may know this month I've been using Erha Clinic skincare right.. and I can't use any beauty product like BB Cream or anything except eyeliner and eyebrow. 

Sooo... before I bought this product every time I go to work I don't use any make up on my face only there skincare, eyeliner and eyebrow. You have to know that my face look really pale and really I was frustrated looking my own face. So 1 week after going to Erha Clinic, I go back there and I bought this erha21 Acne Face Powder, they say that I could use there product even thought I'm using there skincare I was so relieve.

I would say that this erha21 Acne Face Powder is suitable if you want to put it in you bag cause it wasn't that big. it contain 21g also they include sponge in it. really easy to blend on your face and I love how it make your skin look fresh. 

as it say at the back of the product, Erha21 Acne Face Powder which specially formulated for acne prone skin. which will give you a natural look effect and light for your skin. 
well..., I would say it was true..!! It really give me a natural look effect and light. bu to bad they only have this acne face powder in 1 shade. my face is NC 25 - 30 and it suitable for me. For anyone that have more dark face than me, I can't tell yet..
they also have the EXP date so you may know when you have to throw this hahaha XD

NB : This product is really good for someone that have acne prone skin it helps to make your skin look fresh and natural.

Rate : 5/5
Price : IDR 60.000 or less
Re- Purchase : Maybe when I have acne skin again.
where to buy ??
Erha Clinic / Guardian / Watson

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