101 Makeup : most important brush...!!

Hai Loveleigh..!! I know I know..., I've been really addicted to write now a days...!! I just want to tell ya Loveleigh some information and giving some knowledge =) I was hopping that you like it and it was hopeful for ya =) so Keep scrolling and read it loveleigh =)

So what is the most important brush...?! I would say that this is a must have brush item and I've been having this in original size and mini size. I would keep them in different type of my make up bag.. maybe a cute pencil case or anything.

 Powder Brush
Blush Brush
Contour Brush
Eyeshadow brush
blending brush
angle brush

 why did I say that this is important brushes..?? cause we use them.. beginners or professional use this brushes. what does it use to..?? so here some explanation for what it use for =)

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Powder Brush, This brush have a lot of uses... not only to apply pact powder.. but I also use this for blending my blush and contour for having a soft finishing. powder brush have a big and small brush (well it wasn't that small lah) but they have a good use. But this is such a good use for finishing in the end of make up. 

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Blush Brush, is for a blush as it called hahaha... well blush brush have so many different type of brush. they have the angle brush also the original round brush. sometimes I also use blush brush for contour... for some people it wasn't that easy using blush brush for contouring. I'm not the type of using round blush cause I don't really get the feeling for using round blush. so loveliegh must know which one is suitable for your hand ^^

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Contour Brush, well for me this is an important brush. cause I want to have that dimension look on my face... I always use small size for contour brush and the original size. what is the different..?? the small contour brush is for my nose area.. and the original one is for my face. but, you have to be careful using this contour brush. cause it wasn't brush false if it look like you've been beaten if you use to much so carefully use it oke.

Eye-shadow brush, everyone need this..!! you know what it use for right..?? applying eye shadow with your own eye shadow brush is much more easier than applying with the original eye shadow applicator that they give and you might find a lot of different eye shadow brush too so you must know the uses of each of the brush .

Blending brush, blending brush have so many type.. but what I want is a small blending brush for eyes area. this blending brush is a good use for blending the harsh line.

Angle brush, one of the important brush. angle brush you can also called it as the brow brush. it use to create sharp , featured brows and also works well in disturbing eyeshadow right along your lash line.

well that is the most important brush.., have you bought them to..?? if not, try to buy it right away. cause you use them a lot later on... and when you already have your brushes, don't forget to clean your brush every 1 week. I want to have a hygienic brush right..?? 
well that's it loveleigh..!! Good Luck and God Bless you all =*

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