Grateful Month end of Febuary'15

Hello Loveleigh...^^ I'm so so sorry.. about my late grateful month end of Febuar'15... To busy and lot's to do.. so noww.. this is my grateful month end of Febuary'15

♡ New Temporary Tattoo that I bought on IG I bought almost 5 design and I love them all this one said that " Perfect Imperfect "
♡ The night before Chinese New Year, Eat with whole family without my little angel Aileen.
♡ Chinese New Year tradition that last for ever... Aileen also come today and she love to play with my little sister ^^
♡Aileen going to Hospital for so many time.. she's terapi from her sicks
♡ Tradition from my family.. always drink a lot of beer, so ju , wine and everything
♡ Beauty Blogger Meet-up 2 and I'm so happy that I could go ^^

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