Beyond Aqua Bloom Moisture Peeling Gel

Hello loveleigh..!! was your skin..?? healthy?? but don't forget that it wasn't about your skin but how you treat them with love #hug&kiss

Hei loveleigh.., don't ya remember that a few days ago I'm post a bout Beyond event?? yes this is what I got from Beyond.. well, they let me choose from their Aqua Bloom series product so I choose get Moisture Peeling Gel. why I choose this product, it because my peeling gel is run out #huahahaha

Box Packaging :
As you can see the box is all in Korean language word which is I don't understand.. hehehe but if you bought it at Indonesia store, they have a sticker on the package. how to use and all that.

Product Description 
Aqua Bloom Moisture Peeling Gel contain; Natural konjac grains to remove the old keratin without irritation. Hypoallegenic peeling gel for moisturizing and nourishment. The 3 ingredient that they use is micro-hyaluronic Acid , Kakadum plum and Organic centella asiatica Extract.

Product Packaging :
Yess.. this Aqua Bloom Moisure Peeling Gel Product Package is in a Tube. it contain 100 ml inside as you can see, when you open the tube it still have it own seal so you may know that it was still brand new =)

Texture & Fragrance :
I love the Texture of the peeling gel..!! It really have that small particle scrub and when you use it on your face, it doesn't feel that big particle of the scrub. I really love this peeling gel so much..!! I also love that sweet and fresh fragrance feeling after using it. Totally in love with this Aqua Bloom Moisture Peeling Gel.

How To Use :
Apply an appropriate amount on a dry clean skin and gently message with fingertips, then rinse with warm water. 2 twice a week is enough. order to use Peeling gel - Toner - Serum - Emulsion - Cream.

Rate : 5/5
Price : IDR 229.000,-
Repurchase : Yes!!

Where To Buy :
Taman anggrek Store 
Beyond Indonesia

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