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Hello there Loveleigh..!! last Saturday I'm having fun at Beyond's exclusive Beauty Blogger Exposure..!! firstly I was so thankful to this 2 beautiful ladies Jesslyn + Feegy ( 2 of them were also the host ) & Beyond Indonesia for choosing me to came on Beyond's exclusive Beauty Blogger Exposure!! So happy totally happy...!!

Such a great food to start with :)

Photo Source : Ms.Rhea
alsoo.. thx to Kak Hanny Zheng for introduce about Beyond Cosmetic. She is the brand manager of Beyond Indonesia and of course she is sooo lovely and friendly^^

Photo Source : Ms. Rhea
Beyond cosmetic is one of Korean cosmetic that I would say have a complete skincare for all age..!!  what surprise me is that beyond is really to nature and animals which mean... beyond is against animal testing!! it's superb right..?! also Beyond itself claimed Eco Beauty ( Beauty naturally sourced in nature ) under the auspices of LG Household and Healthcare. what do you mean by Eco?? Eco means is living near nature which mean we should be kind to our environment and loving our earth!
Beyond it self is one of the top 3 Company beauty, and they also worked together with Korean's artist to make the design / illustration by giving a message on their product design that we should save our cute animals and earth =)
Beyond also have 10 Eco value which is Sustainable Growth, Recyclable Package, Minimum waste, Minimum Chemical Fragrance, No Chemical Colorants, Dermatological Tested, No Chemical Preservatives, Organic Beauty, Eco Beauty Lab, Against Animal Testing... Whichhh... I can say that Beyond make up and skincare is good for sensitive people.

Beyond mascot it self is Bunny ^^

and Here come's Mr. Yan / Ian ( sorry if wrote it wrong sir ) #hehehe Mr. Yan explaining about the product detail that their going to Highlight which is Angels Aqua and Aqua Bloom.

 Angels Aqua is aiming for oily skin. it's soothing and hydrating oily skin, this products is contains a lot of water (mineral sprout water) and angel's tear. Angels Aqua comes in Cream , Toner , Emultion and Mist for their skincare products. They also came in make up such as Moisture BB Cream, Moisture CC Cream, Moist Primer, Moist Foundation, Moist Pact, Grinding Powder.

 Aqua Bloom is aiming for normal to dry skin. it's charging moisture and elasticity, their main ingredient is micro-hyaluronic acid, kakadu plum and organic centella Asiatic extract. Aqua Bloom comes in Peeling Gel, Toner, Serum, Moisture Cream, Emulsion and Mask Sheet.

Also Beyond give us a little demo about their  products. what I like about their CC Cream is that it 55% water content and their Grinding Powder is not like other powder..!! as you can see Beyond make up is all about Natural and healthy skin ^^

what I really love about beyond is that, they have skincare and bodycare from baby till which is Beyond baby & Eco Kids

They also have a cute mask packaging..!! so lovely and I wanted to buy all of them !! they have wrinkle care mask, pore care mask and lot's of them. They also have Beyond Hair care.

The winner of Beyond IG Ci. Vina
Photo Bomb..!! always la ya
Photo Source : Rhea Punya 

Lastly...!! Photo group with all the Beauty Blogger and Beyond Crew..!! I'm having a lot's of fun here and I really love Beyond because they don't hurt animals and earth. so see you guys again next time^^

Beyond Indonesia

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