REVIEW : Gizi Super Cream

Hey Ho.. Hello… Loveleigh..!! how was your skin..?? healthy and glowy enough?? Today I have this special product from Gizi Super Cream. Have Loveleigh know about this Gizi Super Cream …?? If you haven’t this is my review about Gizi super Cream.

Where do I know about this Gizi Super cream?? Of course from my friend who already use it. Gizi is one of famous product and now it’s back again..!!  Have you know that this product has been present in Indonesia more than 40 years.  ( long enough don’t you think??)
First come first.. Thank you to Kawaii Beauty Japan so I can try this Gizi product that really booming. So the product that I receive is Cream Nano, Cream Nano +SPF and Facial Foam. ( If loveleigh recognize, this is their new packaging )

What I really love to know is that GSC ( Gizi Super Cream ) made of 7 Herbal ingredient ; Seaweed , Soya bean, Bligo, Papaya, Aloe Vera, Lime and Rice. These materials are believed to contain a lot of vitamins and anti-oxidants that are beneficial to nourish and brighten our skin. Moreover, the GSC also contains UV Protection. So loveleigh , no need to use sun screen again. Also this product also contains Nano so it will absorb the cream really well.

[Review Cream Nano & Cream Nano SPF 18]

As you can see the packaging is a tube and really easy to use and it contain 18 gram. The texture itself is not really that creamy like other cream. It was really easy to blend on my face and the fragrance itself was like a herbal ( well it has a lot of herbal ingredient) and it wasn't that strong for me. Just a little bit of this cream, you can use all over your face. But be careful when you squeeze the tube... or it will all over your hand.

So.., what’s the different with the cream Nano SPF?? Well the packaging is same but different on the cap tube color and it also contain 18 gram. The texture and fragrance was also the same. It has SPF 18 and this cream is good for you who really active outside. No no… no need to use sun screen anymore loveleigh^^

[Review Facial Foam]

Gizi Facial Foam Mild, the packaging is also the same like the other product. The texture is really different from other facial foam. The texture was like solid foam but you don’t have to use it to much.. Just a little bit it enough for your face.

So.. after using this almost 1 week or more, What I really like is that my face is healthier and supple.  I think it also control my oily T-zone area ( which is I really like it ). So many people say that GSC is really hard to find at some store.. well it's kinda true.. 

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