Review Kracie Ichikami Repair & Prevent Hair Damage

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Have you heard about Kracie product..?? yes they also have a hair product name Ichikami. I also wanted to say thank you because I could get this product from Kawaii Beauty Japan. I’ve been using the conditioner lately but I can’t never find the shampoo T__T  Soo.. today I’m going to review Ichikami Kracie product..!! #yeiii

Shampoo - Conditioner - Treatment - Hair Treatment Water

If you haven’t know about Ichikami, let me tell you about it. Ichikami product is a good quality product for Asian girls hair. Ichikami series product contains natural plant extracts from Japan to beautify and strengthen your hair.  By the way, Ichikami product have a really relaxing fragrance sakura flower scent.


Well as you can the Shampoo Bottle Packaging is different than their product. The color of the packaging is white milk. Their design is simple, also the side of the bottle is like a pop out line I don't know what it called #hahaha So you can grab it easily.

Ichikami Shampoo texture, I would say that the texture is really different with other shampoo.. their texture is more like a watery liquid not like the other shampoo that really solid liquid. the color is like a shiny white pearl. I love that I don't really need much of the liquid for my hair to use. But.., when you feel like your hair is to oily I suggest you use more of the liquid. I love how really great the shampoo cause I love the fragrance that really makes me relax while shampooing.


For the packaging.. as you can see the color of the botol is black and the font color is in white and pink. 

The texture I would say that it was a lit bit different for me yaa... you don't have to use it too much... Just a little bit and spread to your hand and applying to your hair... what I love to do with conditioner is to apply it while my hair is a little bit wet and I rub between my hair. what suprise me is that it produce a foam when I rub it not that much just a little bit.

Hair Treatment

This is the Hair Treatment as you can see the packaging is black in color and look like a tube. 

The texture of the Treatment is more solid than the Shampoo and conditioner. I would say that this Treatment is likely a cream-bath cream but it just moree solid. my recommendation when you using the treatment cream product only use 2 - 3 times / week and I really love it..!!

Hair Treatment Water

This is gonna be my favorite Hair treatment water..!! or I would say Hair Mist cause the way you use is really easy... you just have to spray to your hair. The use of the product is to make your hair look more shiny.

Conclusion :
I love how this product make my lion hair now really smooth and soft. healthy and glow in the same time alsooo I really love the smell of my hair after shampooing

Price : 40.000 above

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