The Bakery Lollipop Blusher No.05

Hello Loveleigh.., I'm going to review a cute blusher from The Bakery Lollipop by Beauty Buffet. I really love Beauty Buffet products.. well, not only their products but also their packaging are super cute ^^ 

Box Packaging :
As you can see from the packaging box, it really look like a cute bakery shop packaging stuff. I really love the packaging cute and the color combination of pink and brown with dotted - square white and brown. They also have that rope hook with The Bakery text. From the side of the box, it feels like the text is Thailand word. the front side word is "Love doesn't just sit there like a stone ; it has to be made, like a bread and cake, remade all the time , made new." I love the word so much.

Product Description :
The product packaging is round and transparent with a lovely brown text design and from the back side you can see that they have sticker of the bakery lollipop. I have it in no. 5 and their design of the blusher is like their name Lollipop.. so yeah it's really cute and I love the design.

Swatch :
as you can see from the picture, the color is pink peachy and it really soft and easy to blend when I use it. this kind of color can be use with people who have a fair - medium skin tone. 

Rate : 5/5
Price : around IDR 150.000,- 
Repurchase : Maybe

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