My new Home for my precious lil family

Hello Love Leigh reader..!! well.., surprise surprise.. !! I've already move from my friends house..!! at least..!! I have my own little apartment #YEIIII  so yeah I'm totally happy..!! I've been move from last month... and I'm really busy now a days cause I'm not done with my cosmetic table. Soo.. yeah welcome to my new apartment!! This post is contain with a lot of picture =p so welcome everyone ^^

this is the hall way of my apartment... and my apartment is on the left corner ^^

Deciding back to the GYM and stay healthy food

hello loveleigh...^^ I'm sorry for not updating my blog.. I'm quite busy last week because I'm moving to my new apartment yeii..!! and yes it's only me, Aileen ( my baby ) and nanny. so yeah I've already moving in last month and I clean everything but not my make up stuff.. too much stuff and I need an acrylic to put my make up stuff at my make up table. so yeah.. let's go back to the topic of GYM.

yeah it's been a long long year ago I go to GYM or exercising like running or anything. Sooo... yeah I'm getting fatter and fatter.. I notice how  I'm not that healthy and how fat I am... Just standing in front of my mirror I could see my double chin >__< #IHATETHIS (sorry for the caps lock) also.. I can't use all of my jeans anymore T__T and now it's hard for me to bought a new pants / jeans / skirt. Alsoo my little sister is going to married like 5 more months from now >__< it's means I have 133 days for me to have a good body shape. soo.. 2 days ago I go to baywalk mall (somewhere in Jakarta) there is this GYM which is really near with my new apartment place SO I decide to ask the GYM there.

when I go there and ask about the GYM I would say that this GYM is good enough for me. I could do RPM, lifting weights, body pump and others. When my body or weight is check by the PT from the GYM. my weight is 60.4 KG #WHAT..!! my fat is about 30 something gram I think and it's mean 14 something KG wow that's a lot of fat T__T so yeah I'm deciding for going back to GYM cause I want to shape and firm my body also lose some more weights!!

about eating healthy food yes I would like to eat healthy food from now..!! even thought from this month I've tried to eat healthy but still I'm doing a lot's of cheating T__T and I also tried not to eat after 7 pm above. So my plan is that I'm going to GYM and eat healthy from next week I hope I could have a good and healthy body^^


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Loveleigh...!! bused dah bulan berganti bulan cepet banget... T__T aku tambah tua juga di bulan ini.. Tapi ada yang selalu membuat aku semangat di pagi hari.. Iaa... ngeliat wajah malaikat kecil ini tiap kali bangun rasanya bikin semangat dan happy...