No more black head with Clear Nose for Men & Women

Hello Loveleigh..!! It's been a long month for me not posting any review or tutorial.. yeaah so much stuff to do and busy for being a mother ^^ but still I keep treating my self a good weekend days. oh ya.., do you notice about my new template blog..?? yeah lately I love something simple and clean^^  hehehe soo... yeah I'm going to review this clear nose

This is the box.. I was thinking to bought the clear nose for women but they having "buy one get one free" So I'm very happy with it..!!  I take one for Women and one for Man from the box it self you may see the difference that the blue box is for man and the yellow box is for women. 

At the Side of the two box, you may see the ingredient with Japan language. You may also see the picture of what inside the box. 

--- Inside the box---
 Women / Man :
Step 1 Magic Water Transparent blue tube  / Black tube
Make skin smoother so it's easier to attach the mask. Contains AHA which is a natural substance, alcohol free and can soften the skin.

Step 2  Black head eraser mask tube / Black tube
Containing carbon black from charcoal volcanism <volcanoes> which has property to absorb dirt well, remove blackheads and detoxify pores thoroughly.

Step 3 8 sheets of cotton peel off
Designed specificall to help remove blackheads

This is the result after I use the clear nose. So yeah I really love this product so so much..!! 

Rate : 5/5
Price : IDR 165.000
Repurchase : Yes..!!

Where to buy 
Store :
Baywalk Mall
Bintaro Jaya Exchange
Grand Indonesia
Central Park

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