Beauty Talk ; Body Lotion vs Body Butter vs Body Cream

Hello Ladies..!! I know it's been a long long day.. but hey..!! I'm back with a little beauty talk about Body Lotion vs Body Butter vs Body Cream. Well you might always bought the Body Lotion and less Body Butter or Body Cream right?? or maybe you might have it from someone as a gift right?? right??

So what is the different about them..?? you might be thinking that they were all the same right?? but hey!! they all are different and each of them have their advantage.
Let's begin to know each of them loveleigh =)
Texture :
Body Lotion : it's more liquid than the other 2
Body Butter : more concentrated like butter
Body Cream : the texture is more light that the body butter
Humidity :
Body Lotion : the light one and it won't feel greasy ( you may apply it anywhere )
Body Butter : the thicker one and it is more greasy ( you may apply it for you elbow, knee, feet )
Body Cream : the thickness one  ( you may apply it anywhere )

Which one is the best for your skin??
Body Lotion : average skin and looking for strong shine and strong scent.
Body Butter : if you have a real dry skin I might recommend you this!!
Body Cream : if you have normal / average skin, and you just want a sheen, this is the right one.

one more thing.., you might also hear body milk right?? well it was same as body lotion ^^ and In the end you might need all of them =) but still I love all of them hehehe.. cause after taking a shower I use body lotion, before sleep I use body butter for my elbow, knee and feet, and I brought body cream at work it was useful =)

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