Life Update ; Aileen 22 Months

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Yeeiii...!! she's 22 Months dan 2 bulan lagi dia bakal 24 months which means Aileen 2 Tahun and my baby is not a baby anymore T__T #nangishisteris Iaa.. di 22 Months ini aja haduhhh.. aku dah ampun2 loh sama my baby not so baby anymore... kenapa... haduh lagi bandel-bangel wajar sih.. tapi ngurus sendiri lumayan kan ya boo...

TheFaceShop Oil Control Water Cushion

Akhirnya aku bisa nyoba juga yang namanya Cushion #muahahahaha bahagia banget ya gue boo..
soo.. yeah aku seneng banget bisa dapet hadiah dari KawaiiBeautyJapan!! mau tau mau tau aku dapet apa..??? yuk yuk yuk

InstaBlur The body shop

Okay!! Okay!! I'm so excited to review this..!!I about a new primer it's because my old one is already empty and need a new one. So I stop by to this one store name The body shop..!! I found what I search and yeah it's the Instablur primer!! I found out they also have primer for eyes maybe next time I will bought that too. so yeah let me review the Instablur primer first ^^

Instablur is a 5-in-one primer that smoothes skin's texture, prolongs makeup, covers up pores, controls shine, and conditions skin. It comes in one universal shade!!

The difference between Serums, Essences, Ampoule, Booster

Greeting my loveleigh reader..!! Jadi ia nih aku pengen banget ngebahas yang namanya Serums, Essences, Ampoule, Booster... do we really need this..?? umur berapa sih kita butuh product-product ini..??!! yuk yuk yuk mari di bahas satu persatu ya.. ^^

Facial brush from The body shop

ouw em gii udah tanggal 7 Oktober aja. time flies so fast huh..?! So how was your day Loveleigh?? Have you wash / clean your face?? do you use the facial brush already?? Kaloo blommm ini nih salah satu facial brush yg murmer dan ga bikin kantong sakit pastinya #huehehehehe