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Okay!! Okay!! I'm so excited to review this..!!I about a new primer it's because my old one is already empty and need a new one. So I stop by to this one store name The body shop..!! I found what I search and yeah it's the Instablur primer!! I found out they also have primer for eyes maybe next time I will bought that too. so yeah let me review the Instablur primer first ^^

Instablur is a 5-in-one primer that smoothes skin's texture, prolongs makeup, covers up pores, controls shine, and conditions skin. It comes in one universal shade!!

as you may see about the packaging it self comes in a white tube a black cap. I love how simple and elegant the design. also this product aren't that big.. I would really like to carry this when I'm travelling!! this is going to be my new travel buddy when I'm going travel ^^

The texture is Velvety and powdery smooth, translucent, it's like a dry-gel!! I would like to apply this for my entire face of course. But I would like to tell you that the product have polymers and silicone so if you allergic I will not recommend this.

The chalky consistency makes you blend for a while to get an even. But once it is dried it feels light and give me a mate and healthy finish. As for the scent, it was fragrance- free!! #YEIII when it comes to oil control, It wasn't what I expected... but overall I love how it makes my skin smooth <3

Rate : 4.5/5
Price : IDR 299.000,-
Repurchase : maybe

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