TheFaceShop Oil Control Water Cushion

Akhirnya aku bisa nyoba juga yang namanya Cushion #muahahahaha bahagia banget ya gue boo..
soo.. yeah aku seneng banget bisa dapet hadiah dari KawaiiBeautyJapan!! mau tau mau tau aku dapet apa..??? yuk yuk yuk

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion..!! 
Yup.. Yup.. this is my first time using cushion.. So I'm really excited ..!! the first time I have the box I just can't wait to open it and use it..!! well this is a new experience for me =)

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion comes in two shades, which is Apricot Beige ( lighter shade) and Natural Beige ( darker shade). I have the Natural Beige I would say that this is match to my skin.

Anyway..!! I love the packaging..!! let's talk from the box first... I love the color is like ocean blue. What I love about the product packaging is really look adorable and I really love white. Not to big not to small I would love to bring this for go go

It came with a special sponge too.. but I don't feel to like the sponge bcause it's quite hard for me to blend it on my face. Also it's kinda hard to seeing the product on the sponge bcause it's kinda same color.. Also you could buy the refill if you have the compact already it's really easy to change. Simply just pop it out from the underneath.., but make sure when you replace the new one savely.

the products is sealed with sticker when you open it and that's mean you are ready to use the Cushion. well I like that I know how much the product that I will use. Not like the pump or others.., sometimes I pour it too much...

Well the product said that this is a good oil control.. for my opinion... I still have to dab it every 6 hours only on my T-Zone area. I love that it makes my face look glowing but not too much.. The coverage it self is medium and also they have spf 50+++ which I love bcause Jakarta is really hot now a days.

Rate : 4.5 / 5
Price : Rp. 360.000,-
Repurchase : Maybe

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