Original Source - Super Scrub Mint and Walnut

Hellooo.... time goes really fast hah... It's November.. and briefly again going December - Christmas - New Year..!! how was your goals this year?? are they fulfilled?? ^^

Okee let's go back to what I'm going to review hehehehe.. This time I'm going to review one product from Original Source. I ended up choosing Super Scrub Mint and Walnut. So, when I smelled it for the first time, I knew that I'm gonna love this!! 

Let's talk about the packaging, First time seeing the package I was like " Is this for boys..??" but I ended up going to the corner and pick it up. A little different from other soap packaging. this is slightly unique for the packaging. the tube is on the bottom side so it's easy to come out. The color it self is like green mint color and the tube is black in color.

The consistency is thick, I love the smells and sensation every time I go shower. It has minty smells and I feel the fresh - clean sensation it was b'cause of the scrub. I don't recommend to use shower puff cause you can't felt the scrub.

Rate : 5 / 5
Price : Rp. 35.000,-
Repurchase : Yes ( other smells )

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